Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The downside of owning a Corgi

In this house, Corgi hair substitutes furniture decorations, clothing accessories, and food condiments... among other things :)

Philip presents a typical "pile-o-fur" following a 15-20 min Furminating session


Laurie said...

Isn't it amazing how much hair comes off of them with the Furminator??? Ahhh. It's insane!

Philip's Mom said...

Totally! Three years later I'm still baffled as to where it all comes from, but at least I've grown used to having furry dust bunnies all over the place :)

Corina said...

wow! The furminator does work, I've been meaning to buy one for my corgi also, but I read somewhere that they ruin the coat. Do you think your corgi's coat changed after using the furminator?

Philip's Mom said...

Yes, it works very well indeed :)

Philip's coat hasn't been affected at all, and I think as long as you use it properly, it shouldn't do any damage.

I can see problems arising if you press too hard (try your force on your own skin, it hurts when pressed too hard) or brush too much with it. It's tempting to keep going for a long time, but I believe 5-10 mins is plenty.