Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swimming Corgi!

I always hear that many Corgis are terrible swimmers and will sink like a brick, but Philip loves taking dips in the water. As long as the water is calm, he will wade and swim in it all on his own. Sometimes I even toss a ball for him and he'll happily bring it back, though I try not to toss it too far out just in case.

This weekend we went to a nearby pond. We've been here many times before and Philip gets very excited to go running and swimming here. The pond is man-made and has a ledge all around. It's not a very big drop, but still a bit scary for Philip, so he takes a few approaches before slowly descending into the water. It's very cute to watch him, and I wonder if he'll eventually figure out to simply jump in from the ledge like most other dogs.

Anyway, I got one of his random plunges on video, so enjoy :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking for a cause

A couple of weeks ago Philip and I attended a local fundraiser walk.

The fundraiser was for a local humane society, and lots of dogs and their owners came to support the cause! We had a whole team of Corgis!

The fuzzy butts walked a couple of miles through the park

and over a nearby hill

"Hurry up, mom!"

It was a beautiful day, and we raised lots of money for the humane society. Next year, our team has grand plans to be the number one fundraisers (this year we came in second!). Go Corgis!