Friday, September 17, 2010

Paws It Forward

Today was an exciting day in Philip's life. I signed him up for Paws It Forward over at Sadie the Corgi's blog, and so I came home yesterday to find our package at the doorstep. Unfortunately, I was busy most of the evening and my camera's battery was dead, so we had to wait until today to open the box. We got right to it as soon as I got back from work though, and I've got pictures to prove it :)

Philip couldn't wait - "What is this mom?"

"Is there something inside? I just know there is!"

He thought the box itself was an awesome delicious toy actually

"Almost... got... it..."

First present sees the light of day

"Oh boy, food, FOOD!"

Things got a bit too exciting at this point, but here's the whole set while Philip munches a toy

Philip found this toy to be great for some soccer:

Plus, everything is great for fetching ;)

All in all, Philip couldn't be happier, he's sampled the treats, played with the toys, and now resting while I type this up. Thank you Sadie and Laurie for such an awesome little package!!!

And of course, I did promise you guys a chance for gifts, right? So here it is! The first two people to respond with their email will get a package from Philip and I, so that we can all continue spreading the joy. We do ask that you have a blog to post all about it, and of course that you have a doggie to share the goodies with ;) Once you get your package, make sure to pick two more recipients as well!


Janice said...

Absolutely p-awesome Philip! And you too Lyuba. We miss you. Mojo and his Mom.

Bailey's Adventures said...

I would love to do this :-)

Bailey's Adventures said...

and here is the email lol

Philip's Mom said...

Mojo! Philip says hi :)
Yay, Bailey - I'll email you in just a second!
One more spot left

Anonymous said...

Dachsunds RULE !!!! Corgies DROOL


Janice said...


I hate to be #2!

Mojo's Mom

Philip's Mom said...

Does that mean Mojo will start a blog of his own? ;)

Laurie said...

Yayyyy! I'm glad Philip liked everything :)

Paige said...

Oh my gosh, he is darling! I'm a new follower and my Corgi puppy Dexter has a blog, too. Check it out :)

Philip's Mom said...

Thanks again for the awesome presents Laurie :)

Welcome Paige and thanks. Dexter is so cute, I love the mohawk! How funny is that!